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Through our third-party partner, our courses have been picked by large companies like Apple, Netflix, Box, and other businesses worldwide

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Adobe Illustrator Mega Course​

The adobe illustrator mega course is designed to take you from an absolute beginner to a professional in Graphic Design and illustration.

Adobe Photoshop Mega Course

With the adobe photoshop course, not only you’ll be able to understand and learn how each tool works, but also learn how professional designers use these tools.

Adobe After Effects Course​

The aftereffect course will unleash the creative monster within you and help you become a professional in the field of motion design and animation.

Meet the founder of 92learns

Alan Ayoubi is the founder of 92Learns, a self-taught motion graphic designer and photographer with 11 years of experience and a Masters degree in Digital design. The idea of 92 learns academy was inspired by Alan's own journey learning design and photography on the internet. Summing up and considering all the struggles, and confusions Alan faced at the beginning of his journey and that any beginner would face, He created 92Learns to provide an exciting adventure to success with an optimal learning experience. Years of researches and sleepless nights compressed into 5 courses to let the next generation of passionate designers make 5+ figures a month

Alan Ayoubi Founder & CEO of 92learns