Ready To Master Digital Art And Fast-Track Your Way To Becoming The Next Graphic Design Sensation?
Ready To Master Digital Art And Fast-Track Your Way To Becoming The Next Graphic Design Sensation?
If you’re looking to step up your creative game, turn your passion into a fulfilling career, and join the ranks of 195k talented graphic designers worldwide, this is where you’ll find everything you need (and more) to get started!
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To the aspiring graphic designer, animator, or video editor…



 Does This Resonate With You?


  • You are overwhelmed by the dizzying array of courses available. The design space is full of possibilities, but you're uncertain of what direction to take your career in. 

  •  You constantly feel like you don't have anyone to turn to for guidance, motivation, and support in your graphic design journey. You’re tired of doing it all alone!

  •  You often get stuck and not able to create the visuals you envision in your mind. You want the tools and resources to reignite your creativity, bring your ideas to life and produce striking visuals.

  •  You're not making REAL progress toward achieving your goals. Despite your best effort, your talent is not getting the appreciation, acknowledgment, and value it deserves. 

  •  You know your dream job is out there waiting for you if only you can find a way to make your portfolio catch the eye and showcase your strong design capabilities.

It Doesn’t Have to Be As Daunting As It Seems!

With the right approach, you can unlock your creative potential and take strides toward shaping a career in one of the most thriving industries in the world. 


An approach that guides your learning, encourages experimentation and acts as a guiding light so you don't feel intimidated or lost in the mixture of options.


An approach that empowers you to chase your dreams, launch your successful design project, and reach artistic greatness. 


It's time to break free from all the confusion, build confidence in your ability and make something extraordinary!
Introducing – The Mega Designer Academy
Created for designers like you to help elevate your design skills and jumpstart your creative journey so you can finally become the proud artist you know you can be. 
Inside this exclusive academy, you’ll have access to five hand-picked courses curated explicitly for their relevance and importance in the modern graphics market.
Think of it as your personalized roadmap, guiding you through every step until you have gained command over this in-demand field
Adobe Illustrator Mega Course
Whether you’re taking your first step into the world of design or looking to refine your existing skills, this course provides a perfect step-by-step introduction, expert instruction, and a comprehensive beginner's level guide to the fundamentals of creating visuals with this software. 
I have designed it to start from the very basics, right through to more complex features, so even if you never worked with the software before, by the time you finish, your creativity and confidence as a designer will be in full bloom. 
This course will not only show you how and when to use the tools but also how to leverage them to create something truly outstanding.
Taking this course is sure to improve any designer’s workflow, no matter their level of expertise.
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 Adobe Photoshop Mega Course
Once you’ve taken the first step and gotten up to speed with Adobe Illustrator, it’s time to tackle Photoshop. Getting a handle on Photoshop is like achieving digital art nirvana for any digital artist. 
You can create works of art that are stunning and unparalleled with their plethora of features. Not only that, but learning this tool will give you a significant advantage in the design world – potentially opening up doors to amazing opportunities. 
And with the Adobe Photoshop Mega Course, you will have an incredible set of tools and knowledge to become a pro in the creative design world – leaving you confident that your designs will look as good on screen as they did in your head. 
Best of all, the course is designed with beginners in mind – it’s like being given a blank canvas and then getting taught to draw the entire landscape. 
You'll also learn Photoshop's most common use cases, giving you an all-encompassing view of what this platform can do for you.
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Adobe After Effects Motion Graphic Beast
If you're looking to supercharge your design career, you should definitely check out Adobe After Effects. 


This powerful tool is used for animations and motion graphics, which are widely seen as valuable assets for which clients are eager to pay more. 


With all three tools – Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects – under your belt, you'll be an unstoppable force in the design industry. 
Imagine having the ability to turn your designs into mesmerizing animations! And the familiarity of After Effects can easily make this dream a reality.
That's why I've included my Adobe After Effects Motion Graphic Beast course as part of The Mega Designer Academy. This intensive course is your one-stop shop for all things related to After Effects. 
From discovering the fundamentals of dynamic animation to learning advanced motion graphic techniques – you will find yourself producing dazzling effects that can be added to any project.
The course is a must for any budding designer!
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Adobe Premiere Mega Course
After you've got a firm grasp of Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects, the next step on your journey should be Adobe Premiere! 
Adobe Premiere is a critical tool that will allow you to edit your animated and other video projects. 
Not only will this give you a leg up when it comes to impressing potential clients with your skill set, but it can also skyrocket your payment rates and open up lucrative new opportunities. 
Now let's take your design skills to a whole new level with the Adobe Premiere Mega Course available inside The Mega Designer Academy. 
This course is designed for any beginner videographer wanting to make a bold statement by generating jaw-dropping videos. 
From mastering the basics of Premiere, like editing, color grading, and animation, to expert knowledge on mask tracking, freezing frames, time remapping, and even adding soundtracks – this course covers all the video editing excellence. 
Dive in today and explore all that Adobe Premiere has to offer.
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But Wait, There’s More…

As a member of the Mega Designer Academy, you’ll receive two incredible collections of graphics templates for FREE. 

That’s over 1000 graphics, titles, and Instagram-specific design templates for Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, After Effects, and Canva that you can start using right away to:

  • Churn out professional-grade designs for your clients, personal projects, or social media channels.
  • Speed up your workflow, save time & effort, and focus on other aspects of your projects.
  • Stand out from other designers, invent your style over time, and attract more clients to your business.
Find Out Why Our Courses Are Creating Buzz Among Students Worldwide
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What Makes Our Courses The Premier Choice For Industry Leaders?

It's no secret that the online learning space is flooded with run-of-the-mill options. So, what sets our courses apart and makes them a clear winner for top companies time and time again? 


It's simple: we infuse our courses with a unique blend of creative passion, tried-and-tested wisdom, and real-world expertise honed over years of experience.


You see, we come from the same place you are today. 13 years ago, we were just like you, trying to navigate the labyrinth of online graphic design tutorials. 
That’s why we get the frustration of trying to learn without a well-defined curriculum and are here to ensure you don't fall victim to it. No more dull, lifeless videos or cookie-cutter courses that make you want to pull your hair out!


When you choose The Mega Designer Academy, you're choosing more than just a course provider. We become your partners, helping to propel you to the top of the industry. Our courses exhibit the very best in an immersive learning experience, the latest trends & techniques, clear and concise structure, and engaging modules. 


So come join us today and learn from the best. We know how to lead beginners like you down the right path.




Meet Your Instructor 

Alan Ayoubi is the founder of 92learns, a self-taught motion graphic designer and photographer with 13 years of experience and a masters' degree in Digital Design. The idea of 92learns Academy was inspired by Alan's own journey learning design and photography on the internet. Summing up and considering all the struggles, and confusions, Alan faced at the beginning of his journey that any beginner would face, he created 92Learns to provide an exciting adventure to success with an optimal learning experience. Years of research and sleepless nights compressed into his courses to let the next generation of passionate designers make 5+ figures a month.

Can You Imagine Being Able To…


Access courses that speak directly to your graphic design needs with a modern curriculum, a steady teaching style, and a library of the most up-to-date resources.


Command higher rates for your work because you are confident in your product's value, ingenuity, and quality.


Win jobs at renowned companies, working on campaigns important enough to reach worldwide recognition and secure a prosperous future.


Develop the skills and craft of a visionary artist combined with the technical competence necessary for graphic design success. 


Engage your audience with visuals that draw attention, inspire loyalty, and evoke powerful emotions – helping to move whatever message you are trying to communicate forward.


Build a strong reputation as a go-to designer who delivers exceptional results, stays on top of the latest design trends, and continues to innovate, grow, and push the boundaries of what's possible.

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And Transform Into The Designer You Were Always Meant to Be!  

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Right now, sign up for just $225 instead of $450 and gain lifetime access to all five courses with their certification of completion, round-the-clock assistance, and a private support network – it's a deal too good to pass up!
Right now, sign up for just $225 instead of $450 and gain lifetime access to all five courses with their certification of completion, round-the-clock assistance, and a private support network – it's a deal too good to pass up!


with their certification of completion, round-the-clock assistance, and private community, lifetime updates– it's a deal too good to pass up! 

This is your chance to dominate the graphic design world – don’t miss out on this life-changing opportunity!


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