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The only place you need to be to learn Graphic design, UI design, Motion graphics and Video editing, from scratch to a professional.

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Get ready to take your absolute beginner skills into professional skills that big clients would love to pay for!


Mega Designer Academy

Learn Graphic design, Motion Graphics, UI/UX design and Video editing from scratch - Become an all round graphic designer and content creator. Get ready for your freelance business.


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 Can you believe beginners created these art works ? 🀯


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Does this sounds like you ? 😩

You are watching lots of tutorials and courses but you still can't do any graphic arts

Most of the courses online teach you how to operate the tools, not how to use them as a professional graphic artist and designer, beginners are left with some tools that they don't know what to do with, they start to get overwhelmed and usually give up.

You give up or find it very hard to learn graphic art and content creation

Many newbies give up or find it very hard to learn graphic design and content creation, because of the amount of the information scattered over the internet, they don't know where and how to start, they usually start with the wrong course or tutorial.

You want to make graphic arts  a source of income

you want to make graphic design and art a source of income, you want to build your portfolio, you want to get a job, you want to build your business, you want to be a freelancer. Unfortunately, all these information is spread all over the internet, if you are a beginner, who is not even familiar with the terminology in the design industry, it is really hard to grasp it all, it will take you years, and lots of energy.

I know exactly what you are going through!

Because 13 years ago I was at your place, I am a self-taught designer and content creator, I learned everything by myself, I have been through it all, I know what exactly a beginner need to go from Zero to an advanced level in an easy and effective way.


No you don't need 13 years to be professional in design!

All you need is the right course with the right curriculum to take you step by step through the learning journey. In a matter of months, you can be ready for your first job!πŸ•ΊπŸ»

Nope, I am not going to teach only how to use the tool πŸ™…

but with each tool that you learn, I will then teach you how to use it as a professional and we will create some cutting-edge artworks that you can later add to your portfolio. By the end of this academy, you will learn graphic design and you will master both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, you will learn motion graphics and master After Effects, you will learn UI/Ux design and master Adobe XD, you will learn Video editing and master Adobe Premiere. After this, I will teach you all the places online where you can work as freelancers and sell your artwork.

why The graphic artist academy?

This is the only place you need to be if you want to be an all round graphic designer and content creator.

From scratch to advanced level

All courses are designed to take you from absolute beginner to advanced level.

Real life example of each tool you use

Unlike other courses out there, we don't teach you how to use tools or teach you concepts, with each tool you learn we will create a real-life professional work like professionals.

Motion graphic design, still graphic design and video editing

In this academy, you will master, graphic design, motion graphics and video editing

Building your portfolio

By the end of this Academy, you will have a bunch of professional artworks that you can add to you portfolio and start getting jobs

How to find motion graphics, graphic design, video editing and Ui/Ux design jobs and sell your work online 

In this academy I will show you how to find jobs online, how to become freelancer and how to sell your artworks and make a fortune out of the skills you have learnt

Support from teacher 

Daily Email support plus once you enrol on the academy you will get access to the community specifically for this academy, you can share your progress, ask questions and socialize with students around the world. In addition to that, we have a general Discord Server and a Facebook group as well. 

Students all around the world are extremely happy about our courses

See hundreds of reviews from our students, check them well and then make your decision

So I'm currently on the illustrator course (doing the owl) and I've been using illustrator for years but you just made me feel like a newbie!!! I had no idea you could do all that in illustrator!!! . Hope to finish soon and jump on to the Photoshop course. Thanks for this!

The Mercury Agency 


This is really an amature to pro class. It lets vour master the tools so you can create whatever your heart desires. Simple processes, but very powerful. I look forward to re-watching this again to get better and more familiar with the tools again

Kenny Noel


Hands down the best resource for learning Adobe Illustrator. You can tell how much effort and thought went into making it. Good job and thank you, Alan.



Bonus, more than 180 Graphics Templates

Worth $80 for free

When you join the Designer academy you get two packs of graphics templates as a bonus for free. More than 180 Graphic templates, titles and Instagram graphic templates for, Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, After Effects and Canva.

Lifetime Access


Actual price $350

USD excl Tax

  • Full Access to All Course 
  • Access to Private community
  • Certificate for each course
  • Lifetime Access

Frequently Asked Questions

After your purchase, you will immediately get an onboarding email that will instruct you to set up your account, after you set up your account you will have access to your courses under the My Courses menu.

Once you enrolled you will get access links for our discord Channel and Facebook Group. There you can ask questions and share your progress with thousands of students all around the world.

If you paid for a lifetime plan, yes you will have the courses forever and you will get free updates regularly.

Yes, all our courses come with a certificate, but you need to finish all the lessons of the course to be able to obtain it.

Yes definitely, our courses are known internationally and thousands of people and organizations are using them.

Yes, you can use them, in fact, the aim of our courses is for you to build a strong portfolio and get jobs in future. But we recommend you to add your own touches to the artworks so you have something unique and different from all other students.

Well, this is a question we know that many students will have in their minds. Aside from selling our course here, we have also collaborated with some other private companies that do market and distribute our course to companies and organizations. This is how our courses reached Apple, Netflix, Box and many other international businesses.  

Yes, You get everything we use during the courses

If you finish all the courses and practice good, you will definitely be able to take freelance and jobs in the field. Not only graphic design, but you will also learn Animation, and video editing and Photo Editing.

In the Photoshop and Illustrator courses, we have sections about selling and working online as graphic designers. So Yes we thought of this as well.

Yes, you can join our referral program, with each sale you bring to our platform you get 25% of the profit. If you want to join you will need to contact us via Email